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Office Hours: 8am-5pm Weekdays


It is the policy of Paws in Good Hands to protect the privacy of our clients. We will not disclose to third parties any of the client’s personal information including the client's name, phone number, address, or email, without expressed consent of the client.

We also respect the privacy of a client's home and will restrict our activities to only the areas we need to access in order to take care of your pet(s).



We accept cash, check, Venmo, and all major credit cards via Pay Pal. 

Please note: Payment is due at time of services rendered. There is a $25.00 bounced check fee for all returned checks. Late payment fee of $35.00 will be applied if payment is not received within 30 days of date of last service. A processing fee of $2.00 is issued when clients choose to use major credit cards via Pay Pal.



Dog Walks/Pet Visits: Cancellation by the owner of scheduled walk/visit within 24 hours of the intended appointment will be charged full price.


Overnight Care/ Holidays: Cancellation made by the owner within 2 weeks of departure date will be charged 50% of total cost. Cancellation during major holidays (listed below), regardless of when notice is given, will be charged 50% of total cost.


*Death in the family, medical emergencies, or severe weather conditions will be excused.


Holiday Fee

We are here to provide service 365 days per year. Holidays prove to be a very busy time so if you want to ensure service, please book early.

Standard rates will be doubled for services occurring on the following holidays: New Years Eve, New Years Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day.

Rushed Booking Fees: 

$5.00 rushed booking fee applies when a pet visit is scheduled less than 24 hours before requested start time.

$10.00 rushed booking fee applies when overnight care is scheduled less than 24 hours before requested start time.

2 Working Sets of Keys

Two working sets of keys are required at the time the first service is provided. This is so the Pet Care Specialist has a set, and an additional set is available at our main office in case there is a key issue or an emergency. If there are not two keys provided upon first visit, an additional copy will be made and a $10 charge will be added to the client’s next service. Keys are not to be left hidden outside by the Owner or Pet Care Specialist.


Refusal of Service

Paws in Good Hands reserves the right to refuse service to anyone. We will not service clients that do not meet our minimum standard of pet care, including adequate food, water, shelter, medical treatment, and comfortable confinement. We will not condone or engage in any activities we feel are abusive means of training, including, but not limited to: food or water deprivation and infliction of physical pain. We will gladly offer our clients assistance and education on pet care in any way possible. However, as pet care professionals, we will report any cases of severe neglect or abuse to the proper authorities.


Aggressive Dogs

We may request the use of training or control devices such as a choke collars, gentle leaders, or muzzles in order to care for aggressive and difficult-to-control dogs.


Pet Sitting

It is our belief that when an owner is out of town or unable to see their pets for an extended period of time, that those animals need to be checked on at least once a day. If you entrust us with the well being of your animals, we will see them enough in a 24-hour period to feel confident that they are healthy, safe, and happy.


Dogs: When owners are away from the home for more than 24 hours, we require that we visit dogs at least twice daily (though we recommend three times daily). If a dog is crated, we require visiting at least three times daily.


Cats: We require that cats are seen at least once everyday. Cats must be seen daily to ensure the animal is safe, with enough food and water.

Additional Dog/Cat in Household

If a client has more than one dog or cat, the extra pet fee will apply to each additional dog or cat.

Standard Pet Visit

A standard pet visit will be at least 20 minutes. During this time, we will attend to all of your pet's food, water, exercise, bathroom, social, and care needs.

Household Tasks

Household tasks are included in the standard pet visit and cover things like watering plants, opening or closing drapes, or bringing in the mail. If doing household tasks exceeds 10 minutes, the client will be billed at the $30/hour rate. Our primary focus is on your pets and spending more than 10 minutes on non-pet tasks takes away from their care.


Cleaning Procedure/Solutions

Owners must choose and leave the appropriate carpet/floor cleaners for the Pet Care Specialist. Food dyes and natural pet body fluids can bleach and stain carpeting/flooring and are beyond the Pet Care Specialist’s control.

Feces Bags Must be Provided by Pet Owner

Pet Care Specialists will always have emergency disposable feces bags on hand, however, owner must provide an ample amount of bags ready to use for their pet(s).


Extreme Temperatures

Paws in Good Hands reserves the right to decrease outside time with pets in cases where temperatures exceed a heat index of 100 degrees. The remainder of the visit will be spent indoors. In the event the visit takes place during extreme weather conditions, i.e. flooding, thunder and lightning, the majority of the visit will be spent indoors for safety. During our rainy season, Owners are encouraged to leave old towels to dry pets by the door being used for entry. This helps to prevent mud and debris from trailing into the home via wet/dirty paws.


No Dogs are Left Alone

We will never leave your pets unattended outdoors under any circumstances.